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The MORIMOTOS in Portugal:


MORIMOTO event in portugal 2014 from MARIMO green tv on Vimeo.

Haruyo and Shigeru Morimoto came to Europe end of September 2014 to perform five tea events together with MARIMO in Germany, France and Portugal. In Portugal the event was performed in cooperation with Nina Gruntkowski [Camélia], MARIMO's partner for Portugal and Spain. Thanks to Camélia and Dirk Niepoort we were invited to Niepoort's Quinta de Nápoles, which is located in the fantastic Douro Valley, and which was the platform for this unique event. Not only to organic green teas from the Morimotos where presented and could be enjoyed, but also the wonderful wines from Niepoort, and some music from Dirk Boehmer [sax] and marimo beats [bass].


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